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Hey there BeyondMystic Peeps!

Why I'm an amazing fit with the Beyond Mystic Audience:

Hi, I'm Alexi,

Growing up in Chicago, I felt like an outsider looking in. I spent all my free time hanging out with my dog and talking with my "invisible friends." 

(It wasn't until I started studying with a channeler as an adult that I realized those "friends" were actually my guides!) 

Years ago, I was a struggling actress in Hollywood. I was spending more time behind the scenes working as a temp assistant - fetching coffee and making photocopies - than I was acting in front of the camera.

Thank goodness for my best friend Scruffy, a 15-pound pup who saw me through the ups and downs of relationships and acting jobs I "almost got."

Hanging out with Scruffy was fun but there were days when I needed the kind of comfort that only pastries and retail therapy could provide! Ha!

20 pounds and thousands in credit card debt later, I was still waking up feeling"There's gotta be more to life than this."

Frustrated with my life, at this point I had a love/hate relationship with the Universe. How could I have been given such big desires and creativity without the ability to express or manifest them?!

Just when I didn't think things could get any worse... Scruffy was diagnosed with cancer...

30 days later he was gone.  

I went into a deep depression. I couldn't eat... couldn't sleep...

I just wanted to disappear into a black hole. 

Forget about talking to my guides. I was so angry with them for not helping me save my best friend.

Then one day, a woman at work urged me to see her hand analyst-
"She's going to give you the instruction manual to your life."

And that she did!

Without telling her anything about myself... just by looking at my hands, this woman started telling me things that nobody else knew -

She told me how I always felt like there was something wrong with me every time I booked an acting job... and every time I didn't. 

She told me how I have a deep love for humanity and needed to connect with people more than on just a surface level in order to feel alive... 

How I have healing and intuitive abilities that have been causing me to feel alienated and stagnant in my life because I wasn't using them...

I left that session feeling like for the first time in my life, it was ok to be me.

I started studying with this woman to understand the "map" made up of my fingerprints and lines in my hands...

Within 2 months I booked 2 commercials that paid my rent for 2 years!

I kissed my day job goodbye and have never looked back.

I got certified in scientific hand analysis and for the last 16+ years I've been helping "closet healers" like I used to be -

People who secretly do things like pull tarot cards to make decisions or consult with an astrologer or psychic on their birthday... they hide their love for the esoteric from friends and family for fear of being persecuted or ridiculed...

I help them get clear on their Purpose and why they're here so that they can go from playing small and hiding their intuitive gifts to being confident AF sharing their spiritual superpowers with others.

Like I did with Alara (see video to the right.)

That's why I'm an amazing fit with the Beyond Mystic audience. I'm on a mission to help "closet healers" who wake up thinking "There's got to be more to life than this" find the magic they're looking for out in the world right there inside of themselves!

To see what hand analysis is all about, check out the video below. 


Alara C. - Holistic Health Coach

Alexi Aldine

Alexi Aldine is Founder and Creator of Dare2BU (formerly RebelPreneur) Academy, an online training program that supports heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches and healers to live their Purpose and create their dream business sharing their spiritual gifts. Alexi has been working with entrepreneurs for more than 16 years. With her unique methodology combining her background in Scientific Hand Analysis, Human Design, Theta Healing and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Alexi helps "closet healers" to go from playing small and hiding their intuitive gifts to being confident AF sharing their spiritual superpowers with others.

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